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Nov 19, 2012 2:30pm PST
cambodian prime minister. obama is reported to muddle the prime minister that the their human rights record was an impediment to ties with the u.s.. >> he also praised the their free and fair elections. he is terribly korean -- he is currently touring southeast asia and earlier today visited burma. >> they lined the streets in the thousands for a glimpse of the united states president. bordet's, have been sprucing up the city. his first thought was the old parliament building. at his meeting, he offered encouragement for their transition to democracy. >> nobody is perfect. hopefully we will move this country forward. >> dr. words, he went on to make the pro-democracy leader and nobel laureate. she said burma still have a long way to go. >> it was difficult to have any transition. success is in sight. we have to be very careful that we are not hurt by success. >> he came to help advance the democratic process, but the u.s. is also looking at their economic influence in the region. there was no mention of that in the president's address to the newly reopened win university. there was a
Nov 16, 2012 7:00am EST
agree to on cutting. the increase in taxes according to president obama right now, by taxing the wealthy. you know, if you just allow the tax rates to go up to clinton era tax rates in the top two brackets, that would only raise $34 billion. last year we experienced a $1,090 billion deficit. you might get up to $80 billion. again, $80 billion versus that. so that's the revenue he wants to raise. that's what he hoodwinked the american people into believing that that's going to soft the debt issue. it doesn't even close the deficit by 8%. where the spending cuts? he talks about one dollar for three, one dollar for two and a half. i have yet to see a proposal out of this administration, or democrats in the senate who haven't passed a budget in three and a half years. so listen, i think republicans are willing to compromise for democrats. but but need to see their plan. i've never seen their plan. the only thing we've seen out of this president, out of democrats, is let's increase taxes, punish success. the most that will generate revenue $80 billion a year, talking about $1,090 bill
Nov 18, 2012 7:00am EST
tax. we have to do it for the country but just trying to take money and i don't think is right because there's so many companies that are going to give lay-off's and all that stuff and it's not good for the country. >> thanks for the call. >> from our twitter page. sorry but thanks to obama we owe an extra trillion dollars. we have to cut geezer welfare to pay for them. maryland, democrat line. >> thank you. i'm a first time caller actually and thank you and also i listen all the time on c-span radio. i wanted to put in a plug for your app. it's great and listen all the time. >> you heard on xm channel 119. >> great. okay. i wanted to say i think it's - as a democrat and this may be little unusual, i think it's unfortunate that aarp is taking this position. i think it's going to end up divide people more along generational lines. rather than fair partisan lines. realistically looking at the long-term and maybe generationx folks like myself. we have to take a bit of a different perspective on this and i think there is a chance we'll have to raise the age for benefits but also me
Nov 14, 2012 7:00am EST
spending, creating job programs. when president obama came into office, the stimulus was part of his agenda. as you look at the financial situation, is there talk of big spending right now? guest: there is talk of job training and infrastructure -- from this increased revenue. is that something congress can agree on? i think that in this climate of austerity, as people are starting to think about the deficit, i do not think we will necessarily see a large-scale stimulus like the one we have before. there is a fascinating statistic and a national journal story that they now spend $7 on programs for senior citizens and elderly people for every $1 it spends on young people. and at $1 goes to everything from education, student loans, job training. so the federal government spending at this point is really skewed towards taking care of the older population of versus helping the younger ones succeed. that'll be a tricky thing moving forward. alternately, to take care of older people you need to of younger people have a good jobs and making good wages. host: tom, maryland, on our line for d
Nov 15, 2012 7:00am EST
president. i think this whole thing leads right to the white house. write to the oval office. president obama has made some statements already there are so contradictory there is no way he can explain the contradiction of his comments. you talk about a transparent administration -- yes, there are transparent. you can see right through them. there are as corrupt as any i have seen. i think this will lead to impeachment. i think he will be convicted of it as well. host: here is what bill says on twitter. charlie on the independent line. caller: i am not happy with senator mccain. he lost the election. he is still trying to get even for their loss of the election. he is a great supporter of our country attacking iran. how many soldiers and how many people will get killed because of the disaster that would be if we got involved in iran. he should be one of the people doing the news on fox because that is all the talk about all the time. they are constantly attacking the president. he was reelected and he is the president. he did not attack anybody in benghazi. every day if you tu
Nov 20, 2012 7:00am EST
. times, 18. as for into turmoil by the arab spring uprising, the right to defend itself has been one of few constants and then is not changed despite the well- publicized rocky relationship between president obama and benjamin netanyahu. if israel sends ground troops into gaza to stop the hamas militant group from firing rockets into israel. president obama has spoken repeatedly with leaders in israel and egypt. and hillary clinton has spoken with other officials while she and obama went ahead with a visit to thailand. let us go to net call and washington, d.c. on our line for democrats. caller: i believe the united states should always stand behind israel. whether it is president obama or our leaders, they seem to deviate from that. we as american citizens should be adamant. this is one of the first things i will stand up for as an american and support for israel. host: how would you like to see the united states demonstrated that? caller: if get out there in protest, show our support. however, i believe strongly, this is one of the few things i believe strongly for. host: with
Nov 12, 2012 7:00am EST
we have the interview that barack obama gave right before the election, where he said that immigration was essentially his top priority after they saw the budget crisis. host: we can read a little bit of that as well. guest: i was shocked when i saw it. it was amusing, because first it was off the record, then it was on the record. if this is your top priority? health care was his top priority in his first term and you saw how you stack up. i covered the immigration bill going to the senate in 2006- 2007, and it was bigger than i could have ever imagined. it turned into this massive conversation that was emotional and complicated. i thought, wow, that is a big issue. host: what barack obama said in that off the record phone call was that the second thing he was confident would get done next year was immigration reform and that he would be very blunt -- "the big reason i will win a second term is because the republican party has so alienated the fastest-growing demographic group in the country, the latino community. i am fairly confident that they will have a great interest
Nov 13, 2012 7:00am EST
obama for president. why did the republicans lose the moderates? the farther right positions governor romney was forced to take in the primary to get the nomination and he was stuck with them. lost the hispanic vote by 40 points. they need to focus on some of the social issues. they need to express themselves in a way that don't alienate suburban women. we had a senate candidate who talked about rape and how if that happened it was god's will. people listen to that and thought, "he met the representatives of me." you have to look at turning at your base. elections tend to be decided in the middle. what was it about the republican message that was not as attractive to the moderates? host: could you be a candidate for president? guest: the only thing you find in the middle of the road are dead armadillos. host: 1 and holding the money for -- what are you holding the money for ? guest: i have given away a fair amount. i have kept some. i'm 56 years old. you just never know what the future holds. i love public service and wanted to keep the option open. if the option is close, i'
Nov 17, 2012 7:00am EST
to a result, why do you think that will not happen this time around? caller: obama and the democrats and republicans they all represent wall street. they do not represent the working class. the working people are being indebted with all the burdens of this country. this is not right. 98% and this country are forced to solve the problems that were operated by the 1% and 2% of this country who are getting rich off of our problems and these wars. anybody can look at the budget of this country and see the majority of our budget is spent on militarism and wars and not on things people need. this is a crime against humanity. host: you see there on the television screen congressional leaders meeting after the meeting at the white house. one of the folks who spoke yesterday was speaker john boehner talking about the framework that was outlined in the media. [video clip] >> to talk about america oppose the fiscal problem, i outlined a framework that deals with reforming our tax code and reforming the our spending. i believe these remarks i have outlined in our meeting is consistent with the p
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Nov 17, 2012 8:00pm PST
of a centrist beltway thing that the left opposes and right opposes and it's president obama, "the washington post" editorial board, new york times, a few others kind of in the middle there. we'll see. >> jon: the media loved it this week when the president met with some the heads of major corporations, but there weren't really any small business people represented and the question, is it just a photo op? >> well, i think the president is reaching out, he's making an effort to meet with a lot of different people. it is interesting that the first people who saw him after his election were union people and that shouldn't be surprising, but the media did take note of that. but i think that, mr. boehner's conciliatory attitude reflects exactly as said, the politics of the situation, and david brooks had an interesting column saying not only irresponsible to take the country over the fiscal cliff, but it's bad politics for the republicans. i think that accounts for the mood of con vifalty and consensus. >> and the media says is bad politics-- >> speaking of that the new yorker had a bla
Nov 12, 2012 12:30am PST
go up on the dividend payers? >> right now, president obama's propose al would have dividends taxed at ordinary income. that is substantially higher tax rate than the 15% tax rate that toward are enjoying right now. either way, we think that dividend yields will ultimately get dinged. as you mentioned, they have gotten hit. they were down something like 3% and the week ending just before the election. even in anticipation of that. it's hard to know. remember, a lot of dividend stocks are held in tax-exempt accounts, 401(k)s, pensions, endowments, foundations. we are dealing with a subset here. my sense is we will not sie a pull back because a lot of dividends aren't taxed to the extent you would think. >> good to have you on the program. thank you so much. >> thank you, maria. >> up next on the "wall street journal report," he runs what some think is the strongest bank. what will life be life under president obama's next four [ male announcer ] how can power consumption in china, impactports from new zealand, textile production in spain, and the use of medical technology in the u.s.
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Nov 12, 2012 1:00am PST
million votes lower than john mccain. >> i think what stands out about obama's victory to me is how ugly it was, this was identity politics on steroids telling black people republicans wanted to take away their right to vote and telling women there's war on them that seniors, that paul ryan wants to push granny off the cliff in a wheelchair. this is not the hope and change obama, this was not, there's no red state and blue state obama. he won ugly, it's divisive and if this is the template for how democrats want to win elections going forward to this-- >> and i can tell you what the reaction in the white house would be if they heard you say that, they would say get over it, grow up, this is politics, republicans got a, you know, put on their boxing gloves and get over it. >> oh, yeah. >> paul: so what? you know. >> i won, you know, suck it up. >> i agree. this is the new benchmark the way you win a presidential campaign. no question about it, it's too bad, but that's the way it is. i want to elaborate on one of kim's points. the turnout machine, it did not materialize after the conv
Nov 11, 2012 7:30pm EST
. right now, you know, president obama's proposal would be to have dividends taxed at ordinary income. that would be substantially higher tax rate than the 15% tax rate that investors are enjoying right now. and, you know, either way, we do think that dividend yields will ultimately get dinged. as you mention, they have gotten hit, they were down something like 3% in the weekended right before the election. so even in anticipation of that. you know, it's hard to know. i mean, remember, a lot of dividends stocks are held in tax-exempt accounts anyway. 401(k)s, endowments, pensions. so we're dealing with a subset here. so my sense is we're not going to see a full pullback, because, again, a lot of dividends aren't taxed to the extent you would think. >> all right. jack, good to have you on the program. thanks so much. >> thank you, mar yeah. >> jack avalon joining us. up next on "the wall street journal report" he runs what many think is the strongest bank. but what life being like for jamie dimon and the next four years. my question, his answers. and you can find us on facebook/mariaba
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Nov 17, 2012 11:00am PST
watching. i'm paul gigot, see you right here next week. ♪ >> on fox news watch, i hear you have some questions for me. >> president obama on his first post election news conference taking on tough issues and tough questions from the white house press. >> congratulations, by the way, i've never seen you lose. >> well, maybe not such tough questions, but i did get testy when asked about the white house spin and the benghazi terror attack. >> if senator mccain and senator graham and others want to go after somebody, they should go after me. >> the president of the united states did not tell the american people the truth about the attacks that took four grave americans' lives that went on for eight, seven hours for which we were totally unprepared. >> how did the media handle this showdown? a new scandal involving now former cia director general petraeus and an extramarital affair, a florida socialite, a bare chested fbi agent and is this a concern or a washington smoke screen? >> i don't think anyone on either side of the aisle underestimates the difficulties. >> both sides work to
Search Results 0 to 17 of about 18 (some duplicates have been removed)